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We Are Owl & Goose

Makers of Delicious Raw & Unpasteurized Drinks

Owl & Goose is a family owned and operated business which has been producing great raw and unpasteurized drinks in Toronto since 2011.  Owl & Goose operates out of a commercial kitchen in the Junction in West Toronto. There are currently 9 members of the team.  Blending & juicing begins at 6am every weekday and the first deliveries are on the road by 7am.  
Owl & Goose has a passionate team and operates a vegan and kosher kitchen. They are absolutely dedicated to freshness and great products.
No aspect of the process of smoothie and juice production is farmed out. The Owl & Goose team hand picks every ingredient in every drink.  Only the finest fresh ingredients are selected.  Everything is done by hand.  It’s not the easiest process but its the best.  The Owl & Goose team is very proud of its work.
Owl & Goose drinks can be found in fine retailers right across Toronto including some of Toronto’s most amazing independent coffee houses.
We are located at 1 Wiltshire Ave Unit 128.
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