Green Smoothies

The Owl & Goose smoothie is a raw and unpasteurized blend of organic leafy greens. Small amounts of pear and apple are added to reduce the natural bitterness of greens while ginger and lemon are added for a healthy and delicious flavour. As a blended beverage, the Owl & Goose smoothie is full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. It helps boost and sustain energy and balance sugar levels. A 250ml (small) bottle contains only 45 calories.

As the Owl & Goose smoothie is raw and unpasteurized, it has a 4 day shelf life. We deliver smoothies frequently and in small quantities so you are always buying absolute freshness.

Introducing the next generation Owl & Goose Green Smoothie. We have taken our original recipe and tweaked it just slightly. No new ingredients and no preservatives. We use a state-of-the-art process called High Pressure Process. No heat! Plastic bottles are submerged in water and pressure is applied. A lot of pressure! The result eliminates all bacteria and makes for a 30+ day shelf-life. Same ingredients, same taste, same nutrition. Try one today!

The Ingredients Are Simple

The Owl & Goose smoothie is made from simple, organic ingredients for a balanced flavour you can't resist!

Fresh Organic Greens

A delightful mixture of organic curly kale, dinosaur kale, collards and micro-greens; varied slightly every day.

A Dash of Fruit

Pear and organic apple to offset the bitterness of the greens.

Citrus and Spice

Fresh lemon and ginger to give the perfect flavour balance.

The Owl & Goose Green Smoothie

Nutritional Content (% Daily Value)

Vitamin C


Vitamin A




Fibre is an essential part of a balanced diet and helps to keep the body healthy and regular.  Fibre is lost when juices are cold pressed.  Owl & Goose smoothies are blended and therefore the fibre is maintained.  It is a bulking agent in the digestive tract that maintains the sensation of fullness.  Fresh fruits and vegetables provide excellent roughage that helps to eliminate toxins and fats.

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